Most organisations have fundamental issues with the generation and on-going support of management information. Usually the root causes are clear and identifiable. The issues include manual workarounds, data being located in disparate systems, the variety of data models, accessibility to highly restricted data and a lack of common standards in metrics definition or management information production.

To address these challenges, GFT have developed a special approach to management information which is supported by an enhanced operating model and a big data platform for operations. This operating model supports lean process improvement and on-the-fly decision-making. The platform provides deep forensic trends analysis, predictions, cutting-edge visualisation tools that can provide timely and accurate reporting to the regulator, and real-time intra-day views of operations metrics.

Why transform your business

Rapidly deployable aggregators

Increasing need for firms to deploy an aggregator quickly and provide tangible and demonstrable evidence to support the business case. Plus a working aggregation engine as a ‘code accelerator’ that can be enhanced and extended for a full custom build

Scaled out and scaled up

An architecture that can be scaled out and scaled up with 2,000 predefined operations metrics, including a data dictionary with hierarchical, linear and dimensional engines to support the calculation of business hierarchies.

Integration requirements

Platforms present complex technical challenges, such as integration requirements – often from hundreds of disparate systems which need to be integrated across multiple business lines. Integration challenges are often compounded by large data volumes.

Large numbers of FTE headcounts are used to produce management information, normally at great cost to the business. These FTEs carry out a lot of information, data blending and adjustment tasks manually and this increases operational risk and results in data quality issues or bland and obsolete data. Graeme Wood Joint Post Trade Practice Lead


Why choose GFT

Business and technical expertise

GFT provide a flexible data aggregation platform that can perform a variety of complex logic calculations on massive amounts of data in real time. The GFT Risk MI builds on the successful business analysis tool.

Standard industry metrics model

GFT can provide an operating model which is supported by 2,000 pre-defined metrics, including detailed data dictionaries and taxonomies. This rapidly reduces the ‘time to market’ and the design risk for these functions.

Existing designs of operations metrics

Visualisations are based on state-of-the-art HTML 5 dashboards across risk, distribution, trading, sales, product control, operations and regulation. Using best practice and competitor intelligence fuels strategic thinking within the user community.

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