Sustainability in the GFT Group

In times of rapid technological change, binding values and sustainable corporate governance are of decisive importance. Responsibly shaping the digital future - that is our clear commitment to our stakeholders and our responsibility towards the environment and society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we understand as a process of integrating social, ecological and ethical aspects into our business activities and strategy. CSR is the contribution we make as a company to sustainable development.

Our understanding of sustainability is based on the five corporate values: Caring – Committed – Collaborative – Courageous – Creative. Across all countries and cultures, these five values connect people at GFT. They are the basis for our actions in our dealings with our customers and partners as well as in our mutual interaction. 


GFT endorses the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, at the heart of which are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have identified 9 SDGs with direct relevance to our business model. We use them equally as recommendations for action and indicators to measure our sustainability progress:


Our sustainability goals

As a technology service provider, we pursue responsible development and application of technologies - ecologically and ethically - with Sustainability by design. With the Groupwide initiative Grow tech talent worldwide, we promote IT talent internally and externally. 
Big enough to deliver, small enough to care: Sustainable corporate management means for us, growing profitably in the long term – in line with our environmental and social goals and together with our stakeholders.


Responsibility for sustainability

Responsibility for sustainability is shared by the Administrative Board of GFT Technologies SE, as the highest management and control body of the GFT Group, and the Managing Directors. They are responsible for planning and implementing the GFT Group’s CSR strategy and CSR-relevant guidelines. The Managing Directors define the KPIs for sustainability aspects and monitor progress.

As a digitalisation partner for our clients, we help companies make their business models fit for the future. At the same time, our social responsibility to adequately assess the long-term consequences of the solutions we develop is rooted in our focus on technology.”
Marika Lulay CEO GFT Technologies SE
Marika Lulay

In dialogue 

We can only be successful if we take due account of the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. Direct stakeholders are our clients, employees and shareholders, as well as our suppliers and partners. This also establishes relationships with numerous indirect stakeholders.

GFT’s sustainability efforts are geared towards long-term growth with due consideration for our stakeholders. A decisive factor for our success are skilled and motivated employees. Our non-financial reporting underlines how GFT promotes fair working conditions and a healthy work climate.”
Jochen Ruetz CFO GFT Technologies SE
Jochen Ruetz

Sustainability by Design

We are committed to the responsible development and application of technologies - ecologically as well as ethically. 

  • We are committed to becoming climate neutral in our own business operations by 2025. For us, environmental protection means: reconciling optimal working conditions with top-quality technical equipment for our employees with responsible and economical use of resources. We focus on an energy-efficient IT infrastructure, opportunities for more sustainable procurement and mobility, as well as power consumption in our offices. Our Group-wide environmental protection guideline makes compliance with defined environmental criteria mandatory. 
  • We want our software solutions to contribute to climate-friendly technology use. With GreenCoding, we help companies to design, program and run software in a more environmentally friendly way. 
  • We follow the Privacy by Design approach. This means that all data protection requirements are integrated into IT systems from the very beginning, in the so-called design process. We use privacy engineering training to sensitise our software developers to new data protection requirements and risks. Our principles are documented in the internal guideline "Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability". 

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Grow tech talent worldwide

We promote IT talent and want to attract more people to the tech sector - regardless of whether they work for GFT or not. That is why we are committed to technology development and education. 

  • As a responsible employer, GFT is committed to fair, safe and healthy working. We believe that having a sense of purpose and self-efficacy in the work that you do is a fundamental prerequisite for individual development. This is underlined by our employer branding strategy ‘Ready to grow’: our open and appreciative corporate culture aims to create an appealing working environment for all employees in which they can express themselves freely and shape their own career paths. 

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  • With its Diversity & Inclusion Policy, GFT is committed to ensuring equal opportunities at all levels of employment and proactively combating and eliminating discrimination.
  • GFT and its employees support various target groups within the global tech community and across company boundaries in order to enhance their technology skills and thus improve their future opportunities
  • We see our corporate responsibility in technological impact assessment: automated analysis and decision-making processes must be comprehensible and explainable, and the ultimate responsibility for decisions must lie with humans.
  • With memberships in various industry associations, local business associations and cooperation with organisations we participate in the public debate on digitalisation.

Big enough to deliver...

... small enough to care

For us, sustainable corporate governance means growing profitably in the long term - in line with our environmental and society-related goals and together with our stakeholders. We are a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the largest voluntary initiative for responsible corporate governance worldwide.

  • By 2025, we aim to embed the key sustainability aspects in all management systems. 
  • For us, compliance with the law is not a goal, but a fact.

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Daniela Kielmann

Sustainability Contact

Daniela Kielmann

Group Communications Manager/ CSR Manager