Are you looking for a flexible tool to integrate different systems?

Quick and easy connection

Plant and machinery, MES systems or office applications – with sphinx open online systems of any kind can be connected and visualised as well as integrated into existing business processes.

Central storage of relevant data of your value chain

Decision bases can be easily generated as user friendly and quickly comprehensible visualisations.

Monitoring conditions and regulating systems

With sphinx open online you can monitor the performance of your industrial machines and plants. In addition, you are able to automate notifications and control commands based on predefined rules.

The IIoT platform for the industry

sphinx open online provides you with superlative support in the integration, visualisation and optimisation of processes in your production environment. The open IIoT platform makes child’s play of linking and networking machinery, plant and sensors while also allowing you to connect production planning and ERP applications – not only in the factory itself, but also across the entire company. This allows you to collect, connect and analyse data in an instant.

In addition, our integrated Model in the Middle concept lays a solid foundation for linking all kinds of data and coordinating tasks. Not only does this enable your systems to make more decisions autonomously, it also ensures that operators intervene at exactly the right moment.


How you benefit

Operation in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premises possible

Uniform solution for useage in different application areas

Can be easily integrated into IT solutions like an ERP

Low investment risk, fast ROI

New innovative services are made possible

Based on open standards

Features of our IIoT platform

  • Integration of new and existing IT systems
  • The browser-based application allows mobile data access at any time
  • Role-based provision of information in the appropriate level of detail
  • Flexibly expandable through additional applications
  • User interfaces are freely configurable to match your requirements and customer interfaces
  • Support of standard industry protocols, such as ZigBee, OPC UA, BACNET, MODBUS, Honeywell WINMAG
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Michael Hecker

Managing Director Industry

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