The banking industry is currently experiencing the perfect example of a digital storm – a tempest that will have a major impact on client interaction. Transactions are moving from face-to-face interactions between agents and clients to user-friendly, entirely digital platforms. This enables banks to launch new banking services (eg, with mobile P2P transactions) and digitalise traditional banking transactions. Services such as opening an account or taking out a mortgage have not yet been part of the digital revolution. Electronic signatures enable financial service providers to offer quick, user-friendly processes at a fraction of the cost. For this large Spanish bank, GFT defined and implemented a fully compliant centralised signature process for new channels in mobile and online banking.

Compliance with new regulations for contract signatures in Spain

  • Create a new centralised signature architecture that meets treasury department and legal compliance requirements
  • Revise organisational processes and define new processes for contract and document signatures
  • Strike a healthy balance between existing systems/procedures and new ones

Definition and implementation of a centralised signature process

  • Combination of deep banking knowledge and state-of-the-art technology
  • Definition of the new system architecture and procedures
  • Three-step approach for a project lasting one year:
    • Concept planning of centralised signatures
    • Definition of requirements, analysis and design
    • Implementation of first use case
  • Reliable, on-schedule delivery offering the required quality

Fully compliant centralised signature, also supporting remote channels

  • Definition of the new architecture spanning three layers:
    • Access channels (online banking, branches, mobile…)
    • Orchestration layer (signature flow definitions and rules engine)
    • Service layer (DMS, trusted third party, Tibco SOA…)
  • Introduction of a trusted third party into the signature process
  • Ability to accommodate new channels for signatures in mobile and online banking

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