Flexible and agile business processes are key to providing state-of-the-art insurance services. Integrating the thousands of business rules that drive price and risk factors is a challenging task. For the vehicle insurance business of this large international insurance company, GFT implemented an agile quotation solution offering outstanding scalability and performance in just 90 days.

Integrate thousands of business rules for quotes in a single solution

  • Provide a more flexible and agile quotatiob solution for a vehicle insurance business
  • Thousands of business rules driving price and risk factors
  • Scalable and highly available mission-critical solution

Develop new quotation solution based on IBM Business Rules

  • Implement ODM to manage business rules and empower business owners to make changes without support from IT
  • 80K automated test scenario
  • Project delivered within 90 days

Rapid and accurate quotations

  • Faster quotation process
  • Easy simulation of business change triggered by new rules
  • Outstanding scalability and performance

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