GFT & Google AI Event May 9th 2018

Following our recent AI event with Google, Artificial Intelligence - Taking it to the next level, we asked those within financial services what the current challenges are for them and what the future might hold in relation to these innovative technologies.

Driving a better customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) can boost processing efficiency as well as helping organisations to improve the customer experience. AI empowers people to become more focused, efficient and productive at work.

Using a combination of computers, data and powerful algorithms, repetitive tasks can be performed by machines. People become free to concentrate on work that adds real value. 

AI can play a vital role in any industry where there is an opportunity to automate business processes. But AI can also be harnessed to gain insight and deliver a richer customer experience that builds loyalty.

How artificial intelligence changes the game

Automate and transform

Harness the power of AI to automate, transform and streamline business processes. By automating repetitive tasks, you can boost productivity and free people to focus on being the best in your industry.

Business forecasting without guesswork

AI offers a new, radical approach to financial forecasting. Turn your data into intelligence to transform supply chain management and align new products and services closely to customer requirements.

Standardise information from multiple sources

In the age of the customer experience, most customer journeys occur across multiple channels. AI empowers you to translate huge volumes of complex data into actionable insight so you can deliver a consistent omnichannel customer experience.

Artificial intelligence is the next phase of the digital revolution. We have helped several organisations harness the power of artificial intelligence to become more efficient, productive and insightful. Our proprietary building blocks accelerate deployment of a practical solution that delivers quantifiable benefits. Craig Parfitt Strategy Head – Engineering

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Why you should have GFT alongside

Technology specialists

GFT experts can help you define an AI project that supports your business strategy and goals. Our proven methods and proprietary technologies align your investment with success.

On shore, near shore or both?

GFT has the right people in the right locations. Tap into a community of expert engineers in cost-effective locations, on shore and near-shore. We will take full ownership of your challenge and deliver success consultatively.

Your trusted partner

GFT thrives on repeat business. Our proprietary building blocks are proven, cost effective and unambiguous. We will help you visualise success and optimise the use of AI.

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