Getting to grips with DevOps

DevOps has received a great deal of media attention and has become mainstream in many industries. However, some banks and financial services companies that are grappling with monolithic technology stacks are still unaware of the benefits of DevOps or how to adopt the new methods.

Getting to grips with DevOps

On the face of it, DevOps is simply a set of processes and procedures that unify development teams to complement software development. But many experts proclaim DevOps as transformational and a major building block of the bank of the future.

In the interview that follows, Parmendra Pratap, GFT’s Lead Solutions Architect, shares his expert opinion on the role of DevOps in financial services, its close relationship with cloud and how the two complement each other.

“DevOps is a set of practices that enables software development and operations teams to come out of their silos and collaborate across the entire spectrum of software development activities. Although DevOps is primarily manifested through instrumentation of processes around software development, release, maintenance, monitoring and stability, of equal importance is the organisational change needed to make this happen. When correctly implemented, DevOps can be a powerful agent of bank transformation and digitalisation. It empowers a bank to achieve more with less by implementing well-automated scalable processes that are tested, versioned, audited and measured”, says Pratap.

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Parmendra Pratap

Lead Solutions Architect