Senior risk managers at investment banks are entrusted with the task of ensuring that the organisation remains safe and profitable in an environment of changing market conditions. In an increasingly real-time world, this task is made more difficult by an investigation process that is still largely based on reports being delivered to the email inboxes of senior risk managers. GFT Risk Platform is our vision of the next generation of digital risk management on hand-held devices.

Designed by product designers in GFT’s User Experience (UX) practice and delivered by technology specialists in GFT’s Data Science Practice, GFT Risk Platform is the future of risk management. Fully tablet-enabled, GFT Risk Platform enables risk officers to investigate key risks to the firm – wherever they are in the world.

GFT Risk Platform was born from a UX Future State Vision engagement that delivers a demo of your aspiration for future systems and can be used to gain buy-in from colleagues for strategic change.

Why transform your business

Meet the regulatory requirements

The principles of BCBS239 include the clarity and accessibility of risk reporting. GFT Risk Platform is designed with these principles in mind but takes them to the next level as today there is a greater need to alert risk officers to key issues.

GFT Risk Platform helps you manage risk

GFT Risk Platform provides senior managers with tools to see the potential P&L impact of market moves and explore ‘what if’ scenarios, allowing senior risk investigators to manage investigations themselves.

GFT Risk Platform reduces overall cost

GFT Risk platform can reduce the overall cost of enterprise risk reporting by eliminating the need for ad-hoc reporting teams and the need to cross-check and correlate firm-wide risk reports manually.

GFT Risk Platform provides senior managers with tools to see the potential P&L impact of market moves and explore ‘what if’ scenarios. This allows senior risk investigators to manage investigations themselves and also provides them with an on-line collaboration platform.”
Andrew Rossiter Head of Technology Services
Andrew Rossiter

Why choose GFT

Leaders in capital markets

The GFT expert team leads in the field of capital markets-focussed product design. Our team has helped our customers win awards for their risk management platforms.

GFT can turn your vision into reality

GFT provide user researchers to help you understand users’ frustrations and product designers to help solve them data scientists to help ensure you have the right data.

Meet real business requirements

GFT’s business consulting team has many years of experience working in an advisory capacity for capital markets firms. Involving our business consultants ensures that the solutions we design meet real business requirements.

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