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Few industries can match the fast pace of IT. Since its foundation, GFT has constantly evolved and modernised to meet industry expectations and react to market change. But we’ve always remained true to our key strength – developing ground-breaking information technology and services.

1987: Ulrich Dietz, who remains CEO to this day, founds GFT in St. Georgen, in Germany’s Black Forest. The future starts here.

Three years later, in 1990, GFT launches its first product on the market: GRIT.

Over the following years, GFT focuses on developing pioneering e-commerce applications and drives growth, opening subsidiaries in domestic and international markets. GFT also diversifies, opening up new strategic channels.

1997: GFT Technologies (Schweiz) AG opens its doors, specialising in forward-looking e-government solutions.

1999: GFT goes public – a milestone in company history. To mark the occasion, GFT changes its official name to GFT Technologies AG and launches the domain On June 28, the company is listed by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (New Market) with an initial share price of 23 euros.

Following its IPO, GFT focuses on strong organic growth and strategic alignment. GFT increases its stake in PIXELFACTORY and ACS Systemberatung to 100 per cent and opens offices in new locations.

2001: GFT UK is established in the United Kingdom. In the same year, GFT acquires emagine, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank specialising in IT solutions. This brings with it a new development centre in Barcelona with more than 500 financial IT consultants. In light of this development, GFT shifts focus to IT solutions for the financial sector.

2003: GFT complements its existing on–site and nearshore operations with the addition of an offshore software development centre in India. After winning a significant contract for a Brazilian financial services company, GFT makes its mark on South America by opening a development centre near São Paulo.

2006 – GFT launches its emagine division, firmly establishing itself as a market leader in recruitment. After acquiring the Parity group’s French and German operations, GFT becomes an even stronger force in IT personnel solutions.

In 2008, GFT headquarters moved to Stuttgart.

Detaching from its Software division (GFT inboxx GmbH) in 2010, GFT underlined its strategic alignment of the group towards IT services and staffing in the IT sector.

2013 GFT Group enters the Italian market with the acquisition of the IT consultancy Sempla, today GFT Italia. With almost 500 employees GFT Italia today is one of Italy’s leading IT consultancies, specialising particularly in IT solutions for commercial and private banking clients. Its offering comprises IT Services, Business Solutions and Digital Marketing & Design.

In 2014, GFT Group acquired the UK-based business and IT consultancy Rule Financial. With over 660 permanent employees  in the UK, the US, Poland, Costa Rica and Spain, Rule Financial is focused on services for investment banks.  The acquisition not only strengthens the GFT Group’s position in the investment banking sector but also strongly expand the  nearshore capacities within the company.

Today, the GFT Group is built for the future, with its GFT and emagine divisions employing 3,200 staff in eleven different countries and is expected to achieve revenues of around €350 million in 2014.
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