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At GFT, we provide a supportive environment where you can unleash your strengths and bring your best ideas to life. So, seize the opportunity to create value in your unique way.
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Our talents implement scalable IT solutions and work on major digital transformation projects with leading companies from the finance and banking sectors and the manufacturing industry. We enable our clients to stay ahead of the competition and make their digital transformations easy. Our passion for technology and innovation empowers us to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.
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Our corporate teams consistent of HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, IT and Legal contribute to overall business performance through their expertise and business partnership.


#Committed professionals with strong work ethic and customer-centric mindset. Our sales teams are skilled in negotiating, influencing, and successfully translating client needs into practical solutions alongside our strong team of engineers.

Business Consulting

Specialists with a high level of knowledge and deep understanding of the technology industry and market trends. Client-facing individuals who contribute to profitable sales and delivery strategies through solid consulting expertise.


Our experts are responsible for building, maintaining, and testing solutions for our clients. Engineering incorporates our high-performing teams of architects, developers, Cloud and DevOps Engineers, Testers, Mainframe, Data, and Product Specialists.

Project Management

Project Governance and AMS teams are engaged in the successful implementation of application solutions for GFT clients. They are accountable for managing large service projects and project resources at a senior level.


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