Diversity month june - A message from Marika Lulay

Diversity month june

Marika Lulay

A message from Marika Lulay, CEO GFT Technologies SE

Ensuring that we are creating a strictly non-discrimination environment for all communities is one of the most important pillars of our diversity strategy based on the 5Cs – GFT´s core values and our inclusive culture. Therefore, we support the LGBT+ awareness month this June and express our sympathies for the Black Lives Matter Movement all over the world.  

Our goal is to create an even more inclusive and diverse culture by promoting workplace equality for all talents worldwide. We are proud of our team and the progress we are making as a company. As business and as employer we deeply care for our employees and all talents interested in becoming part of our global community.

Diversity and inclusiveness provide a very important blend of perspectives, experiences, and ideas to what we offer to our clients and how we help them grow.