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We love to work with creative, inspiring people who want to grow and be part of a innovative team! At GFT, we provide equal opportunities for you to #MakeYourMark and build a career!
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Our corporate teams support the business with their expertise across HR, Finance, Marketing, Communications, Legal, Operations, and more, to ensure our company's growth and success.


#Committed professionals with strong work ethic and customer-centric mindset. Our sales teams are skilled in prospecting, identifying new clients and opportunities, negotiating, influencing, and successfully translating client needs into practical solutions alongside our strong team of engineers.

Business Consulting

BC specialists have a high level of knowledge and deep understanding of the technology industry and market trends. Business consultants are Client-facing individuals who contribute to profitable sales and delivery strategies through solid consulting expertise.


Our expert engineers are responsible for building, maintaining, and testing solutions for our clients. Engineers are high-performing teams of Architects, Developers, Cloud and DevOps Engineers, Testers, Mainframe, Data, and Product Specialists.

Project Management

Project Governance and AMS teams are engaged in the successful design and implementation of application solutions for GFT clients. They are accountable for managing large service projects and project resources at a senior level.


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Apart from technical skills, our team is Caring, Collaborative, Creative, Courageous and Committed and live up to our core values. The way we treat each other and our clients is just as critical to our success as it is the way we apply our knowledge and exercise our competencies.


We are excited to see you are interested in beginning a career with us! Our Talent Acquisition team will review your application and schedule an initial chat to discuss your aspirations and goals. If we are a match, the idea is not only to offer you a role, but a career! Be prepared to share all relevant information about yourself.


Learn some basics about GFT before your interview and be ready to talk about your motivation to work at GFT. Also, be prepared to share all relevant details about previous work experiences, knowledge, career goals and how it all connects with your desired job. Some interviews can take place remotely. Find a quiet place, check all technical details and simply be yourself – being authentic is always best!

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Congratulations, you've made it. Welcome to #teamGFT! We will discuss the details of your job with you, such as the start date or your salary. Our HR department will also give you a lot of information about your job before you start.

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Once you join, our next most critical phase is welcoming you to the team and making you feel part of it from day one! The onboarding process is a detailed 90-day journey from receiving your equipment and getting you set up to succeed, to meeting all stakeholders and team members who will work with you to get acclimated and ready. Looking forward to it!

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