• What we learned in the first few days at SXSW

What we learned in the first few days at SXSW

In the first couple of days, Carlos Kazuo Missao, Head of Innovation Solutions Americas, had the chance to hear so many different thoughts about a number of topics.
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March 13, 2023

I am excited to be here at SXSW 2023, with the team from GFT Group.

As Head of Innovation Solutions U.S. & LatAm for GFT, this is a great opportunity to learn new things, find out new trends and understand the impact that technology is having on people’s lives and for their businesses. It also gives us a chance to put our ideas and plans into place!



How World Central Kitchen and José Andrés are bringing food and hope for people in disaster areas.


Patagonia is changing its culture, market and ecosystem, as well as having a sustainable value chain where possible. Nice statement from CEO Ryan Gellert who said, “Some of the things we’re really focused on are first think before you buy, see yourself as an owner not a consumer”.


OpenAI’s cofounder Greg Brockman on AI’s disruption, the sophisticated advancements in its future and the ethics surrounding the technology


The war between Russia and Ukraine, including the two countries’ battle surrounding cybersecurity and its broader impact on the whole world order.


The breakthrough technologies that are already in our hands, like CRISPR, nanotechnology and biotechnology


The project management behind the building of the James Webb Space Telescope, from its assembly to testing and launch, and all the creativity and collaboration that made this possible.