Craig Parfitt works closely with GFT’s current clients as he expands the Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation offerings in the GFT Atlantic region, ensuring that global GFT delivery capabilities are coordinated with our partners and underpinned by ‘best-in-class’ engineering practices.

Before joining GFT in 2017, Craig held a number of executive engineering and advanced analytics roles, including at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young where he designed, developed and implemented the first commercial corporate media content ‘Recommendations Engine’ for a global media company. Prior to this, whilst at BAE Systems (Detica) he led the team that designed a prototype early detection system for border controls using artificial intelligence algorithms and predictive analytics. More recently, he served as the Head of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT at Accenture, and Head of Product, Partner Services and Data Platforms at Expedia Inc.

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Craig Parfitt

Atlantic Head of Data, Engineering and AI