The "New Normal" of IT

In the "New Normal" environment of continuous regulatory change, there is a corresponding need for technology which allows for more frequent, predictable and transparent changes to compliance requirements. This comes at a time when many large financial institutions are feeling the pressure to reduce costs.

As a consequence of this, GFT is seeing a huge level of interest in lean and agile delivery in the financial services industry, especially in DevOps. Many of the projects we are involved in are adopting DevOps practices as they strive to improve the technology delivery experience, whilst identifying and eliminating waste from the process. A number of our clients are asking us specifically about the DevOps capabilities we offer.

I’d like to pose the question of whether the current focus on adopting DevOps in organisations is analogous to my son’s approach to eating a Twix. Is it being driven as a horizontal initiative across the technology organisation or should it be considered as an important vertical element of the delivery of a broader change initiative? Could the result be that the intended benefits of DevOps adoption are not being fully realised? If this is the case, what other ingredients could we also consider in our Twix analogy?

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GFT DevOps Maturity Model

GFT DevOps Maturity Model