Our employees from more than 40 different countries provide our clients with world-class services at our locations proximate to the world´s most important financial centres. Their expertise, creativity and personality are the very basis of the GFT Group's success. And it is this diversity that has become a fountain of opportunity for the entire GFT Group.

Our aim as a company is to foster drive, enthusiasm and a commitment to our work, underpinned by the right training and personal development. The GFT Group offers outstanding professional opportunities with individually-tailored training and continuing educating programmes, an international career model and attractive performance-related remuneration packages. At the GFT Group, committed people fit in quickly with our teams and soon relish the broad variety of professional opportunities.

The GFT Group is the ideal place to make full use of your knowledge and skills in a practical way, from the moment you walk through the door. Find out more about the challenges and opportunities offered by the GFT Group. We look forward to hearing from you.


There is nothing more valuable than a highly skilled programmer is. This is why we put a lot of focus on providing technical trainings and certifications. Nevertheless, even the most highly skilled programmer will fail if confronted with tasks that require good teamwork, collaboration and communication. That is the reason why we also provide soft skills trainings to deliver value to our clients even more effectively, but also to build a workplace that people simply like to work in.


Project Development encompasses technologists and functional roles, which main mission is to deliver high quality business value within given resources (time and budget) to our clients. If you are Courageous and technology passionate, Committed to solve client pains, Creative to incubate and pilot the next wave of emerging technologies within an international and Collaborative landscape, join us! I will be glad to welcome you on-board. We will take care of you!

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Working at GFT for architects means endless opportunities to work on projects set in various architecture landscapes, and using various technological stacks. It allows architects to develop their skills in a vast scope. Architecture Family at GFT in Poland is a vibrant community of passionate people. We organize Technical Community Meetings which are the platform for exchange of knowledge and technical skills. We participate in the company success through development of the business itself.


GFT’s environment is very collaborative as many team members are excited to answer any questions or provide resources to help others learn new skills and new technologies. It’s a great place to grow professionally.


I started my career in the Internal Services department. After some time I was transferred to Application Management Support. I have grown from strength to strength personally and professionally within my career. The atmosphere at GFT is friendly and professional, and it’s where I want to be.


My work has allowed me to grow continuously and deepen my knowledge of the company, its processes and its managers. This is because my work involves different knowledge, skills and attitudes like a polyhedron, a transformation every day in which I can make a difference in a growing number of areas.


GFT has been an excellent opportunity to work as a consultant directly with clients. I’m currently running an Avaloq project (core banking solution). GFT has always supported me in my personal development and my professional career and it offers me plenty of room to combine studying with working.


I am a senior account manager, mainly focused on the insurance sector. My business goal is to encourage, support and increase GFT’s presence at the clients I work with. When you work at GFT, it’s like it’s your own company, rubbing shoulders with good experts and colleagues.


GFT always gives me the opportunity to grow, providing me with the tools I need to maintain the global vision. While it’s true that it has been stressful and a bit frustrating at times, it has always been satisfying. I feel highly motivated and this has made me more attentive.


I can describe working in GFT with two words: creativity and opportunity. GFT trusts its people and allows them to unleash their creativity to reach objectives in the best possible way. At the same time, it takes care of the big family, which everyone at GFT belongs to. I feel proud working here.


As a service delivery manager at GFT, I have been able to make significant progress in my career and have had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest individuals in the industry. Due to our culture and guiding values, we all work together towards known, measurable and common goals.


Working at GFT it has been a great experience! Good environment, brilliant professionals, challenging projects and international opportunities makes the company a good place to work. Being part of Architecture job family allows me to work close with outstanding professionals, on different projects, and helps me to contribute to improve the collaboration culture inside our company, which is one of my personal goals.


As an Architect, I love to build software that solves problems. As a technologist, I love to face challenges that let me use the right tool for the right purpose. As a “hungry mind”, I love to be pushed to learn the “next big thing”. I find GFT, as an innovative IT company, to be the perfect place to fulfill these three passion while building solutions for our customers.