90 minutes earlier data provision at the end of the month

Permanently lower operating costs through reduced MIPS

Knowledge transfer to the bank team



GFT's high level of technical expertise enabled us to migrate a critical component of a Cobol-based host application to a modern, cloud-enabled infrastructure. In addition, GFT ensured the transfer of know-how to the Deka team as well as the necessary performance optimisations in the job flow.”

The challenge

Transformation of the host-based application landscape while reducing operating costs

  • Modernise a key part of the existing core banking application by connecting the sales partners to the depot system with only minimal code changes
  • Replatform as an initial step in the transformation of business-critical applications with continuous cooperation with all existing peripheral systems and databases
  • Reduction of running costs for infrastructure and software by reducing MIPS, especially at reporting date processing (month-end/year-end)

Additional requirements for the migrated application:

  • Operability without emulation in the target environment
  • Ongoing maintenance by existing developers

The engagement

Modernisation of the Cobol-based host application by building a modern target environment, migrating and commissioning relevant software

GFT managed the end-to-end migration, including:

  • Definition of a modern, container-based target architecture and support client during deployment
  • Migration of the selected application modules and transfer of host-specific elements, such as sequential files, into platform-compatible solutions. Part of the migration were the job nets of the migrated application itself, as well as their embedding into the existing job net for all further host applications.
  • Documentation at all levels - from conception to operating manual - and coaching of employees

The benefit

Increased performance, boosted efficiency and reduced costs

  • Despite the necessary additional data exchange between host and Unix system up to 90 minutes faster processing of the processes
  • Reduction of previously occurring additional MIPS costs for key date processing at the end of the month and year
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