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Hi! We are GFT Poland.  We consult, create and implement sustainable solutions using the latest technologies - from cloud engineering and artificial intelligence to Blockchain/DLT. What makes us stand out are challenging projects, various technologies and a team of 1,400 professionals who like to work together!

We are experts, WE KNOW our stuff. WE CARE about each other. WE GROW together. And WE DELIVER. Let's set an example together.

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We are a technology company. We do deep tech IT engineering & consulting. We enjoy leading challenging and transformational projects. Our clients most appreciate working with us for two reasons - we deliver great ideas and technology solutions and we like to have our own opinions. We often show clients that there are better solutions, that certain things can be done better. After all, solving problems is coded in the DNA of engineers, right? This approach is appreciated by both our team and our customers.
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Project Management

Our project governance and AMS teams are typically engaged in the successful issue resolution of application solutions for GFT clients. At senior levels, they manage large and/or multiple service projects and control project resources.


Our teams design, build, maintain, and test solutions that drive innovation to our clients. There are many job families in this category, such as architecture, backend, cloud, devops, frontend, mainframe, mobile, 3rd party prod. specialization, data, data science, experience design, testing, process automation and mobile development.

Cloud Engineering & DevOps

Our vision is a solid IT engineering by certified professionals for cloud-native transformation. We're certified in many areas going into deep knowledge of cloud technologies, especially in Azure, AWS, GCP. We aim for cloud-native solutions and wide consumption of Kubernetes setup as key technology focus.


Our corporate teams work within a specific discipline, for example: HR, IT, finance, marketing, communications, legal, operations and more. They contribute to overall business performance through the quality of expertise, advice, and business partnership they offer to the core operational areas of the business.

Business Consulting

Our business consulting and 3rd Party Prod Specialization teams are either technical or business consulting specialists in specific market products. They are involved in a variety of clients facing strategic and business consulting activity across GFT’s portfolio.

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