#TeamGFT – Geek&Proud!

We are a team of 800 experts who like working together. Some of us like to do more – they want to make an impact, and our organization enables them to do it.


  • Your work matters - and so does your opinion. We are a team of top-class specialists who carry out responsible and often difficult tasks for the world's largest banks, stock exchanges, insurers and companies from the industrial sector. Your knowledge impacts our projects.
  • We support your development, and you can impact ours. Only in 2019, our people participated in 7,200 hours of different trainings – this is how we prepare them to influence the way we grow.
  • We are up to date with the latest technologies – and you have the impact of how we use them.
  • We have a specific sense of humour and organizational culture that you create and impact – your ideas, your personality, the way you enjoy life – you can bring it to us!
  • We don't like staying after hours – your families have an impact on your working day!
GFT Job Offers

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