We are now hiring remotely, and in 4 cities: Lodz, Warsaw, Poznan & Krakow!

We are an international IT company that creates technological solutions for large customers in the financial, insurance and industry sector. We want to invite you to build our team - we think you have the talent and competences that we can trust.

Facts and figures:

  • Over 7,000 employees in 15 countries
  • Nearly 900 employees in Poland – Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw, Cracow
  • Technologies:
    - Chiefly: Java, JavaScript, .NET, DevOps, QA/Testing, Data,
    - as well as: Python, Scala, Kotlin etc.  
    - AI, Big Data, Blockchain
    - Cloud: AWS, GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Azure
  • Methodologies: Agile, Scrum

What makes us different?

  • 60% of the delivery team are specialists in senior positions and above - you work with experts and have experienced people to learn from.
  • A variety of over 80 projects for almost 30 global clients (including the biggest banks in the world).
  • We are specialists in the Cloud: 25% of our engineers are Cloud-certified and half of the projects use Cloud solutions
  • We take care of talent development:
    - Our internal technology incubators support you in discovering new lands (Cloud, AI, Big Data, Blockchain),
    - Leadership programmes, soft skills trainings – nearly 300 trained employees in Q1 2020
    - Conferences, language classes
  • We are socially responsible - we donate blood, we support local charity initiatives.

Basic benefits:

  • Working in top, well-connected locations in city centres.
  • Monthly budget for a self-composed benefit package.
  • GFT Tribes –  your passions are supported by the company: runners, swimmers, sailors etc.
  • Probably the best integration events in the IT industry! (Summer Event, New Years' Party, Happy Hours, after-hours meetings and much more!)

We are a value-based organisation. Our specialists have the Courage to influence our business, culture and development of our organisation. Smart, talented, Caring, Committed to their work and full of Creative ideas, they are ready to Collaborate so that together we can shape the digital future.


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