I strongly believe that the key to successful leadership is to listen and observe. If you ask the proper questions, you will get more information than you asked for. Getting to know people you work with helps to understand their goals, helps them in the journey of discovering their own unique way in which they want to develop. That is what I am trying to achieve working with my teams.”
Dominika Bacik Project Head and Test Manager

Helping others grow

I joined GFT in the summer of 2017 as Senior Software Test Engineer to be part of a tests automation team. That didn’t last long and in no time I got the opportunity to prove myself as a Project Manager for the same project and team. I was proud and happy to receive the annual New Starter award (given for people who made the biggest impact soon after joining company) at that time. Although managing a team in new company was a challenge at the beginning, I found many friendly and supportive people eager to help. I kept learning about the people and the organization better and soon was promoted and moved to a new client and project as a Team Lead. Then my career at GFT speeded up, I’ve got bunch of management trainings (including Leader’s Academy) and now I am a Project Head for our new client.

Looking back at almost three years I’ve spent at GFT, I had the opportunity to work with three different projects, clients and teams. Moreover, I run an internal project creating tool (an idea that I came up with) to make it easier to read tests results. Thanks to that, I developed myself as a manager and test automation engineer. I am now perceived as an expert in test automation technologies as well as team management.

As a Project Head I am always trying to do the same as my leaders have done for me at the beginning – help team members grow and reach for new knowledge, positions and development opportunities.