The next phase of the digital revolution

Distributed ledger technology will transform the way data is stored, managed and exchanged. Unlike On-premise databases, distributed ledgers store data on synchronised independent computers, which increases security and interoperability. 

Many organisations have distributed ledger initiatives and there are over 100 platforms in development worldwide, the most well-known being Bitcoin. Financial institutions harness the power of distributed ledgers to trade and track complex financial assets, companies in other sectors use distributed ledgers to monitor the movement of goods and payments through their supply chains.

Distributed ledgers have the potential to drive fundamental change across industries and to transform the way we work. But this is a leading-edge technology that’s evolving fast - change is measured in weeks rather than months. Getting started is never easy but it’s a lot easier with an expert partner.

How blockchain changes the game

Early mover advantages

Prepare for a new dawn in information processing where innovation flourishes, security increases and business processes streamlines.

Transform processing

Get ready for the next digital revolution. Distributed ledgers can transform operations, boost productivity and help you achieve new levels of profitability.

Setting new standards

With a single version of the truth, transparency is assured and all changes are clear to everyone involved. Distributed ledgers are robust, secure and tamper proof.

Distributed ledger technologies have the power to boost efficiency and transform the way business is conducted in many industries. However, a successful project must be built on a strong, unambiguous use case. It is essential that quantifiable benefits be identified at the outset to establish momentum.”
David Creer Blockchain & Innovation Consultant
David Creer

Why you should have GFT alongside

Specialist business knowledge

GFT specialists can help you scope, quantify and implement a transformative distributed ledger project, whether it’s run on premises, on a shared infrastructure or cloud environment.

Unique production experience

Our approach is firmly rooted in practical reality. We have production experience on two leading platforms, Corda and Quorum.

Partnerships with three major cloud computing providers

GFT can help you leverage the power of the cloud or run a hybrid solution. We have successful partnerships with Google, Amazon and Microsoft.